Daily Dump: A Huge Taliban Parade, Getting Your Documentary Fix, Learning from Science Fiction, Rapid Reaction Forces and More – September 1, 2021

Daily Dump: A Huge Taliban Parade, Getting Your Documentary Fix, Learning from Science Fiction, Rapid Reaction Forces and More – September 1, 2021

If masochism is your thing, then might I suggest The Drive’s: Huge Taliban Parade Features Throngs Of U.S.-Bought Vehicles And A Black Hawk Helicopter. As someone who has been on-line walking through the woods for hours looking for lost equipment this is something…Since we are approaching the anniversary of 9/11 FRONTLINE has you covered with, 9/11, 20 Years Later: 17 Essential Documentaries to Watch. I think that I am going back to the beginning to watch, The Man Who Knew, which chronicles former FBI Agent John O’Neill and his struggle to get the FBI to pay attention to Al Qaeda. There are lots of questions and perhaps some soul searching on the recent events in Afghanistan. To which, Reuters provides: Analysis: Afghanistan pullout spurs EU to revive rapid reaction force. It looks like the EU might get serious about standing up an operational force this time. To wrap things up, how about learning from science fiction? The Australian Defense Corps has sponsored a Sci-Fi Writing Competition that they publish over on The Forge. The 2021 winner, The Innermost Heart, is very good and definitely worth your time. All of this and so much more in Today’s Daily Dump.

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September 1, 2021

What’s In a Name? The Disaggregation Problem that Undermines Counterterrorism Strategy – Modern War Institute


Old Enemies, New Friends: Repairing Japanese-Korean Relations and Moving to a Networked Approach Towards America’s Alliance – The Strategy Bridge

The Painful Choices Facing the NATO Coalition Over Afghanistan – Royal United Services Institute

Podcast: Episode 23: Sailing East of Suez – the Royal Navy and the Indo-Pacific – Bridging the Oceans Podcast

Repression and Isolation: Four Ways a Stolen Election has Changed Belarus – Royal United Services Institute

Speaker Series: Compendium of Recommendations for Countering Russian and Other State-Sponsored Propaganda – NSI

Analysis: Gaza’s militant-led border riots – Long War Journal

The Evolving Geography of the U.S. Defense Industrial Base – War on the Rocks

The Innermost Heart – ADC Sci-Fi Writing Competition 2021 – The Forge

9/1/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

Watch: Maritime Security Dialogue: An Update on the Marine Corps with Commandant Gen. David H. Berger – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Podcast: Burkina Faso with Kamissa Camara – 49

The Right Lessons From Afghanistan: America and Its Allies Cannot Abandon the Fight for Democracy – Foreign Affairs

Middle East Studies Insights – Vol 12, Issue 4 – The Landing

Taliban confront Afghan economy in turmoil, humanitarian crisis – Reuters

Taliban says it has surrounded Afghan resistance fighters, calls for peace – Reuters

Analysis: Afghanistan pullout spurs EU to revive rapid reaction force – Reuters

U.S. to help build border facilities on Tajik-Afghan border – embassy – Reuters

Many children feared abducted from school in northwest Nigeria – Reuters

Groups: Both sides used starvation as tool in Yemen war – AP

Leader says Belarus expects big shipment of Russian weapons – AP

Afghanistan’s repressed minority faces a hostile Taliban – DW

Afghanistan: Germany hints at reopening Kabul embassy — live updates – DW

Weather disasters jump fivefold and will get worse: UN – DW

Threatened Yazidi interpreters in Iraq say Afghan evacuation a wake-up call – Al Monitor

China flexes sea power with new foreign ship law – Asia Times

Not clear yet if US is withdrawing or regearing – Asia Times

Live Updates: Taliban Set to Name Supreme Leader of Afghanistan – The New York Times

Covert Evacuations and Planned Demolitions: How the C.I.A. Left Its Last Base in Afghanistan – The New York Times

Afghanistan Before the Fall – The New York Times

Watch: In The Shadow Of Chinese Mines, A Serbian Village Cries For Help – Radio Free Europe

Russian-Led Military Group Struggles To Find Its Role — And Relevance — Amid Taliban Takeover – Radio Free Europe

China In Eurasia Briefing: A New Reality For Beijing In South And Central Asia – Radio Free Europe

Nigeria: New oil law fuels tensions in the Niger Delta – Africa News

Libya told to kick out foreign fighters, mercenaries – Africa News

Five Myths About the Taliban’s New Arsenal – Lawfare

Australia’s Principles of War: A Review  – Grounded Curiosity

Artificial Intelligence Primer: Time to understand AI – Wavell Room

What the U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Could Mean for Guantanamo Detainees and the Due Process Clause – Just Security

Huge Taliban Parade Features Throngs Of U.S.-Bought Vehicles And A Black Hawk Helicopter – The Drive

Watch: 9/11, 20 Years Later: 17 Essential Documentaries to Watch – FRONTLINE

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