Daily Dump: A Look Back at the Nagorno-Karabakh War, Taliban Advances Continue, An Arab Spring Redux, Belt and Road in Afghanistan and More – July 14, 2021

Daily Dump: A Look Back at the Nagorno-Karabakh War, Taliban Advances Continue, An Arab Spring Redux, Belt and Road in Afghanistan and More – July 14, 2021

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July 14, 2021

The Battle of Shusha City and the Missed Lessons of the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War – Modern War Institute

#Reviewing The Compleat Victory – The Strategy Bridge

Podcast: Ep. 53 — The Taliban and al Qaeda advance as U.S. completes withdrawal – Generation Jihad

Speaker Series: What Deters and Why in Taiwan, Korea, and the Gray Zone – NSI

Sailors, Sailors Everywhere and not a Berth to Sleep: The Illusion of Forward Posture in the Western Pacific – War on the Rocks

The Call of the Sinbagi – The Forge

Iran’s Future – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Cyber Dialogues with Russia: Lessons from France – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Podcast: Sensors Unchained by Quantum Tarantino – Tech Unmanned

Hong Kong and the Limits of Decoupling – Foreign Affairs

South African crowds rampage, hospital operations disrupted – Reuters

U.S. rejects China maritime claims, calls for ASEAN action on Myanmar – Reuters

Retired Ukraine police attempt to storm parliament – Reuters

‘I came here to fight:’ Rare footage of Ethiopia’s Tigray – AP

Iran’s president warns weapons-grade enrichment possible – AP

Official: Afghan delegation, Taliban to talk peace in Qatar – AP

George W. Bush: Afghanistan troop drawdown ‘a mistake’ – DW

Taliban capture key Afghan border point — reports – DW

Pakistan: Bus explosion kills Chinese nationals – DW

SADC upset by Rwanda’s military aid to appease Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province – DW

Arab Spring Redux? Middle East Most Exposed to Food Prices – Bloomberg

Turkish airstrikes ignite Assyrian lands, villagers organize firefighting response – Al Monitor

Iran says US prisoner swap negotiations underway – Al Monitor

China’s Belt and Road won’t readily reach Afghanistan – Asia Times

For Russia, the Taliban a necessary evil – Asia Times

New Great Game gets back to basics – Asia Times

US farmers need to diversify away from China – Asia Times

Fear and Misery in an Afghan City Where Taliban Stalk the Streets – The New York Times

‘There’s No Turning Back:’ Cuban Dissidents Feel Emboldened Despite Crackdown – The New York Times

Prices of sheep soar in Senegal ahead of Eid al-Adha – Africa News

Ethiopia: TDF rebels again parade captured Ethiopian soldiers, vow to restore region’s borders – Africa News

Nigerian kidnappers free abducted emir, hold 13 relatives as search continues  – Africa News

Biden’s Afghan Withdrawal Will Spark the Next Refugee Crisis – Foreign Policy

Lawfare Live: Benjamin Wittes and Scott Anderson on the Afghanistan Withdrawal – Lawfare

The Power of an Uncluttered Mind  – Grounded Curiosity

Feeling Lucky? Make your own luck. – Wavell Room

With No Choice but to Continue, Women’s Entrepreneurship Presses Ahead in Afghanistan – Just Security

The Army Is Flirting Hard With Electric Vehicles, But Isn’t Quite Ready to Commit – Popular Mechanics

SolarWinds 0-day gave Chinese hackers privileged access to customer servers – Ars Technica

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