Daily Dump: Breaking the Resistance, Governing in Afghanistan, Unrest in Guinea, Beavers in Scotland and More – September 6, 2021

Daily Dump: Breaking the Resistance, Governing in Afghanistan, Unrest in Guinea, Beavers in Scotland and More – September 6, 2021

It’s not looking good for the resistance in Afghanistan as Reuters reports:  Taliban claim control of Panjshir, promise formation of government ‘soon’. It is being reported that Massoud and the former Vice President may have fled to Tajikistan. We will see what happens as the Taliban attempts to govern, but one thing we know for sure, Insurgency is Easier than Governing: The Future of the Taliban in Afghanistan. This week’s Horns of Dilemma podcast is definitely worth your time. In addition, The Asia Times reports: Taliban ripping apart on regional and ethnic lines. A strong central government model in Afghanistan will face many challenges no matter who is in charge. In Africa, a coup in Guinea? DW gets you caught up with: Guinea: Soldiers say President Conde detained in coup. Always a sucker for a good environmental story, The New York Times reports: Beavers Re-emerge in Scotland, Drawing Ire of Farmers. As a kid, I wanted to be a wildlife photographer (Marty Stouffer was my hero) so I set up in corn field on a creek bank to take pictures of some beavers working there. My uncle found me asleep on the bank a couple hours later and that was the end of my wildlife photography dream…I did get a couple pictures though. All of that and so much more in Today’s Daily Dump!

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September 6, 2021

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Podcast: Insurgency is Easier than Governing: The Future of the Taliban in Afghanistan – Horns of Dilemma

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Masters and Commanders: Are Civil-Military Relations in Crisis? – Foreign Affairs

Taliban claim control of Panjshir, promise formation of government ‘soon’ – Reuters

Leader of Afghan hold-out region says he is ready to talk with Taliban – Reuters

Taiwan scrambles jets against renewed Chinese military activity – Reuters

New Zealand tried to deport attacker for years after he arrived as refugee – Reuters

Taliban, opposition fight for Afghan holdout province, top U.S. general warns of civil war – Reuters

Three soldiers killed in suicide attack in southwest Pakistan – Reuters

The Latest: Top Republican says Taliban holding Americans – AP

Police clash with opponents of Serbian church in Montenegro – AP

13 police killed in suspected IS attack in northern Iraq – AP

9/11: As the decades pass, the act of remembering evolves – AP

Guinea: Soldiers say President Conde detained in coup – DW

Afghanistan: Turkey moves into the spotlight – DW

Could the Taliban form an alliance with Mexico’s drug cartels? – DW

Libya frees al-Saadi Gadhafi, son of dictator Moammar, from prison – DW

How will Taliban’s return affect jihadi movements in Turkey, Syria? – Al Monitor

Will Russia be able to maintain the status quo in Syria’s Daraa despite Assad and Iran? – Al Monitor

Podcast: Armenia expert Richard Giragosian: Peace between Armenia, Turkey more likely than before – Al Monitor

Taliban ripping apart on regional and ethnic lines – Asia Times

US, China dueling for power on the Mekong – Asia Times

Beijing revs up South China Sea domination strategy – Asia Times

US troops lingering in Pakistan ring alarm bells – Asia Times

As Afghan Refugee Crisis Unfolds, Survivors Recall ‘Miracle’ Evacuation – The New York Times

‘Everyone Is on the List’: Fear Grips Nicaragua as It Veers to Dictatorship – The New York Times

Beavers Re-emerge in Scotland, Drawing Ire of Farmers – The New York Times

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Assessing Shortcomings of the U.S. Approach for Addressing Conflict Below the Threshold of War – Divergent Options

Mystery Flying Wing Aircraft Photographed Over The Philippines (Updated) – The Drive

Why ransomware hackers love a holiday weekend – Ars Technica

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