Daily Dump: FRONTLINE Covers Afghanistan, Belarus and the Ukraine Trap, Hope in Afghanistan and More – July 21, 2021

Daily Dump: FRONTLINE Covers Afghanistan, Belarus and the Ukraine Trap, Hope in Afghanistan and More – July 21, 2021

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July 21, 2021

Watch: Amid the U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan, 14 Documentaries Explore the Two-Decade War and Its Impact – FRONTLINE

Enter and Clear a Room: The History of Battle Drill 6, and Why the Army Needs More Tactical Training like It—not Less – Modern War Institute

#Reviewing Unforgotten in the Gulf of Tonkin – The Strategy Bridge

Podcast: Strategy Before Clausewitz with Beatrice Heuser – The Strategy Bridge

Speaker Series: The Three-Body Problem: The US, China, and Russia – NSI

Countering Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment in the U.S. Military – RAND

Combating Foreign Disinformation on Social Media – RAND

U.S. transfers Guantánamo detainee who allegedly led forces at Tora Bora – Long War Journal

Belarus and the Ukraine Trap – War on the Rocks

A Peacetime Army Goes to War – War on the Rocks

Machiavelli and our Wars in the Middle East – Small Wars Journal

Tweets and the Streets: Social Media and Contemporary Activism – Small Wars Journal

Learning from the War: “Who Lost Afghanistan?” versus Learning “Why We Lost” – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Podcast: Unpacking the China-Hong Kong Relationship: A Conversation with Kurt Tong – China Power

A Taliban Victory Is Not Inevitable – Foreign Affairs

China’s Looming Succession Crisis – Foreign Affairs

At least 16 dead as China province deluged by heaviest rains in 1,000 years – Reuters

Police in Nigeria secure release of 100 kidnapping victims – Reuters

Iran says police officer killed in unrest amid water protest – AP

Hong Kong police arrest former Apple Daily senior editor – AP

Ethiopia: Fear Tigray conflict could trigger all-out war – DW

China: Heavy rains cause deadly floods in Henan province – DW

Iran spokesman says powerful body rejects nuclear deal with US – Al Monitor

Erdogan, Tatar announce controversial plan to further reopen Cypriot ghost town – Al Monitor

US moves to repair its ties with ASEAN – Asia Times

US blocking more Chinese students from its universities – Asia Times

Haiti Arrests 3 Police Officers as Part of Investigation Into President’s Killing – The New York Times

China Breached Dozens of Pipeline Companies in Past Decade, U.S. Says – The New York Times

U.S. Military Conducts a Drone Strike Against Shabab Fighters in Somalia – The New York Times

Can Pegasus Be Tamed? – Foreign Policy

Is South Africa’s Unrest an Insurrection? – Foreign Policy

US military to shelter 2,500 Afghans at Army base in Virginia – Task and Purpose

The US proxy war with Iran grows murkier after the military denies a recent drone strike in Syria – Task and Purpose

Henry Kissinger: how Biden should handle China – The Economist

The Nastiest Feud in Science – The Atlantic

The U.S. Is Continuing Its Campaign Against Huawei – Lawfare

A Giant Step Forward for War Powers Reform – Just Security

Climate change risks new violent conflict. How to respond? – United States Institute of Peace

Central Asia Prepares for Taliban Takeover – United States Institute of Peace

The Navy Is Looking At Fitting Its Future Attack Submarines With Inflatable Sails – The Drive

Russia’s Checkmate Light Tactical Fighter Is Officially Unveiled (Updated) – The Drive

I Watched Jeff Bezos Launch Into Space. Here’s What It Was Like. – Popular Mechanics

Hungry Wild Pigs Are Worsening Climate Change – Wired

Two-for-Tuesday vulnerabilities send Windows and Linux users scrambling – Ars Technica

Watch: Leaving Afghanistan – FRONTLINE

Watch/Read: ‘People Will Defend Themselves to Their Last Drop of Blood’: Is the U.S. Leaving Afghanistan on the Brink of Civil War? – FRONTLINE

What Is the Fatemiyoun Brigade and Why Does It Make the Taliban Nervous? – FRONTLINE

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