Daily Dump: Lessons Learned in Leadership, Innovation with Allies, Narco States in Afghanistan and Syria and More – July 20, 2021

Daily Dump: Lessons Learned in Leadership, Innovation with Allies, Narco States in Afghanistan and Syria and More – July 20, 2021

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July 20, 2021

Lessons Learned in Peer Leadership – From the Green Notebook

ODNI’s Critical Role in Cybersecurity: Facilitating Collaboration, Sharing, and A Combined Response to Foreign Threats – Modern War Institute


#Reviewing The Hardest Place – The Strategy Bridge

Speaker Series: Innovation With Allies Now—The US, UK, and Forging a Technological Edge – NSI

National Security Is Stronger When Congress Is Involved. Here’s How We Get Back to the Table. – War on the Rocks

A New Paradigm: Mutually Assured Security – War on the Rocks

Parties of Crime? Brazil’s facções criminosas – good governance and bad government – Small Wars Journal

When Biosecurity Is the Mission, the Bioeconomy Must Become Government’s Strategic Partner – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Development Solutions to Address Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing in Latin America and the Caribbean – Center for Strategic and International Studies

China’s Looming Succession Crisis: What Will Happen When Xi Is Gone? – Foreign Affairs

The Founders’ Plague—and Ours: Race, Partisanship, and Fake News at the Dawn of the Republic – Foreign Affairs

Analysis: Caught between China and the U.S., Asian countries stockpile powerful new missiles – Reuters

Two dams in China’s Inner Mongolia collapse after torrential rain – Reuters

‘We lost’: Some U.S. veterans say blood spilled in Afghanistan was wasted – Reuters (An interview with Jason Lilley)

EXCLUSIVE U.S. expected to take initial steps soon in aftermath of Cuba protests – Reuters

Afghan president slams Taliban; rockets target Kabul palace – AP

Why is Pakistan seeing a surge in Taliban support? – DW

President Pedro Castillo has radical plans for Peru – DW

Iraq: Market bomb attack kills 30, including children – DW

Erdogan supports two-state solution, unveils new projects in Northern Cyprus visit – Al Monitor

Intel: Ethiopia says second filling of Nile dam complete – Al Monitor

Webinar: Tech Wars — the Empire Strikes Back (July 22, 2021) – Asia Times

US lacks credible response to Chinese hacking – Asia Times

No secret: Kim is giving away military’s rice store – Asia Times

Everyone is dying’: Myanmar on the brink of decimation – Asia Times

Constant but Camouflaged, Flurry of Cyberattacks Offer Glimpse of New Era – The New York Times

How China Transformed Into a Prime Cyber Threat to the U.S. – The New York Times

Mali president survives “assassination attempt” during muslim Eid prayer  – Africa News

Drownings surge on Senegal’s “death beaches” – Africa News

The Taliban Are Breaking Bad: Meth is even more profitable than heroin—and is turbocharging the insurgency. – Foreign Policy

China Is Building Entire Villages in Another Country’s Territory – Foreign Policy

America and its allies admonish, but do not punish, China for hacking – The Economist

Syria has become a narco-state – The Economist

Jeff Bezos Successfully Takes Off On Blue Origin’s First Crewed Spaceflight – Forbes

In Defence of the Rear Area – Wavell Room

The Strangest Encounters With Unidentified Aircraft We’ve Found In The FAA’s Huge Database – The Drive

MQ-9 Reaper Tests Prove It Can Operate From Unprepared Locations On The Fly – The Drive

50 Years Later, the Soviet Union’s Luna Program Might Get a Reboot – Popular Mechanics

Weak US Privacy Law Hurts America’s Global Standing – Wired

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