Daily Dump: Spoiling for a Fight, Terror, Pakistan, India, China, Dip and More – October 11, 2021

Daily Dump: Spoiling for a Fight, Terror, Pakistan, India, China, Dip and More – October 11, 2021

I hate it when my real job gets in the way of my rather time-consuming hobby…Today we are playing catch up from nearly a week away from the keys. There are so many important articles and podcasts today and we cannot chose them all so why not begin with War of the Rocks’: Wanna Fight? This is without a doubt your must-read of the day as the article simply cannot be broken down by one or two key phrases. If you want to learn from our recent experience in both Iraq and Afghanistan, you really need to read the whole thing. Looking back at my personal experience in Iraq, they are not wrong even though I might not want to admit it.

For our theme of the day, we go to the Kashmir Region where news is breaking in all directions. We will start with, Police: TV reporter killed in bomb attack in Pakistan from the AP. If a “Baluch Liberation Army separatist group” isn’t a big enough threat to Pakistan how about the Long War Journal’s, Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) consolidates power in tribal areas . Pakistan probably has bigger problems than India but don’t get your hopes up on them taking their eye off them for a second. Speaking of which, Reuters reports, Five Indian soldiers among seven killed in Kashmir gun battles. India claims (probably correctly) the terrorists in Kashmir are supported by Pakistan as an element of ‘strategic depth.’ India’s problems are not limited to Pakistan or terror as the AP reports, India, China army talks to defuse border tensions fail. I have no doubt that the Kashmir Region is going to remain in the headlines for a very long time. For something different we go to The true story of how Army paratroopers traded dip for a Toyota gun truck used to secure the Kabul airport from Task and Purpose. The headline says it all! All of this and so much more in Today’s Daily Dump!

Kashmir Region. Image obtained from the Encyclopedia Britannica

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October 11, 2021

A Pentagon official said he resigned because US cybersecurity is no match for China, calling it ‘kindergarten level’ – Business Insider

You Think It’s a Game? What Video Games Can—and Can’t—Teach About Strategy and History – Modern War Institute

Podcast: The National Guard in a Changing Operational Environment – Modern War Institute

Lessons from the Philippines: Irregular Warfare in Action – Modern War Institute

Cash Camps: Financing Detainee Activities in Al-Hol and Roj Camps – Combatting Terrorism Center at West Point

The Need for a Properly Resourced Pacific Deterrence Initiative – Georgetown Security Studies Review


Podcast: Episode 25: FATF’s Unintended Consequences: The Future – Financial Crimes Insights Podcasts

The US and India Manoeuvre Around Their Differences – Royal United Services Institute

Philippine Foreign Policy: A Levelled Analysis – Royal United Services Institute

Podcast: Episode 67: Malcolm Davis: Kill the Chicken to Scare the Monkey – Western Way of War Podcast

Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan (TTP) consolidates power in tribal areas – Long War Journal

Podcast: Cyber Security is Only Partly Cloudy – Horns of Dilemma

Wanna Fight? – War on the Rocks

Making Sense of SADAT, Turkey’s Private Military Company – War on the Rocks

Addressing Biocrises After COVID-19: Is Deterrence an Option? – War on the Rocks

A Minor Chance for a Majority Government: Iraq’s Electoral Outlook – War on the Rocks

In Post-American Central Asia, Russia and China are Tightening Their Grip – War on the Rocks

Drone Strikes Gone Wrong: Fixing a Strategic Problem – Small Wars Journal

10/9 2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

Online Event: October 13, 10:00 am – 11:00 am: 21st Century Warfare: A Conversation with Jim Taiclet

Chinese State Capitalism – Center for Strategic and International Studies

A Shangri-La in the Himalayas could show King Mswati the way – Institute for Security Studies

Why Afghanistan Fell: An Insider’s Account of What Went Wrong – Foreign Affairs

The Last Days of Intervention: Afghanistan and the Delusions of Maximalism – Foreign Affairs

Africa Is Changing—and U.S. Strategy Is Not Keeping Up – Foreign Affairs

A Chance to Preserve the World They Made – Foreign Affairs

Tangled Threats: Integrating U.S. Strategies toward China and North Korea – Center for a New American Security

China’s Xi vows ‘reunification’ with Taiwan – Reuters

Five Indian soldiers among seven killed in Kashmir gun battles – Reuters

Early results show record low turnout in Iraq’s election – AP

India, China army talks to defuse border tensions fail – AP

Taliban says US will provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan – AP

Police: TV reporter killed in bomb attack in Pakistan – AP

Iraqi forces capture deputy IS leader, prime minister says – DW

Syrian Jihadist Group, Turkish-backed opposition reportedly consider merger – Al Monitor

China marches on towards Fourth Industrial Revolution – Asia Times

How strategies differ between China and the US – Asia Times

U.S. Navy Engineer Charged in Attempt to Sell Nuclear Submarine Secrets – The New York Times

Ukraine, Russia Return To Arbitration Court Over Black Sea Ship Seizures – Radio Free Europe

Watch: ‘The Land Has Dried Up’: Animals Die And Farms Abandoned In Iran’s Khuzestan Province – Radio Free Europe

In Burkina Faso, many hope Sankara trial will ‘shed light on his murder’ – Africa News

Sea Power Makes Great Powers – Foreign Policy

The true story of how Army paratroopers traded dip for a Toyota gun truck used to secure the Kabul airport – Task and Purpose

A new crisis between America and Iran looms – The Economist

Recalibrating U.S. Counterterrorism: Lessons Learned From Spain – Lawfare

Britain’s Enduring Relationship with Saudi Arabia – Wavell Room

Russia Shouldn’t Negotiate With ‘Vassal’ Ukraine, Ex-President Medvedev Says – The Moscow Times

Can Iraq’s Parliamentary Elections Bring Change? – The United States Institute of Peace

Chinese Flying Wing Drones Launch Swarming Decoys At Enemy Warships In Industry Video – The Drive

American Forces Have Been Quietly Deployed To Taiwan With Increasing Regularity: Report – The Drive

Gas Giants May Have Bullied Planet 9 to the Fringes of Our Solar System – Popular Mechanics

One of the Navy’s Most Advanced (And Secretive) Subs Just Suffered an Underwater Collision – Popular Mechanics

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