Daily Dump: The Age of Napoleon, Sun Tzu, A Black Female WWII Unit, Trouble in Africa and Much More – July 13, 2021

Daily Dump: The Age of Napoleon, Sun Tzu, A Black Female WWII Unit, Trouble in Africa and Much More – July 13, 2021

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July 13, 2021

Measuring the Effects of Influence Operations: Key Findings and Gaps From Empirical Research – Carnage Endowment for International Peace

Podcast: 23. Matt Stevens and Michael “Halty” Halterman – Making your military transition a ramp instead of a cliff! – SOFCAST

Podcast: The View From Kabul – Angry Planet

Podcast: The Age of Napoleon

Operationalizing the Arctic – Modern War Institute

Breaking Out of Our Silos: How to Strengthen Relationships Between Service-Specific Information Operations Communities, and Why We Need To – Modern War Institute

Interpreting Sun Tzu: The Art of Failure? – The Strategy Bridge

Speaker Series: Slow Anti-Americanism: Evidence from Central Asia – NSI

How British Imperial History Does (and Doesn’t) Shape the Sino-Indian Border Dispute – War on the Rocks

Overcoming the Diego Garcia Stalemate – War on the Rocks

Special Operations News Update – Monday, July 12, 2021 – Small Wars Journal

7/11/2021 Korean and National Security News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

Mad Scientist Laboratory Blog Post 339. Young Minds on Competition and Conflict – Small Wars Journal

The UN Vote on Aid in Syria – Center for Strategic and International Study

Antimonopoly Power: The Global Fight Against Corporate Concentration – Foreign Affairs

Japan warns of crisis over Taiwan, growing risks from U.S.-China rivalry – Reuters

Violence spreads in South Africa as grievances boil over – Reuters

China says it opposes U.S. interference in internal affairs related to Hong Kong – Reuters

Taliban surge in north Afghanistan sends thousands fleeing – AP

Black female WWII unit hoping to get congressional honor – AP

‘Purely ethnic profiling’: New wave of Tigrayans detained – AP

Mystery grows with key suspect in Haiti president killing – AP

Iraq: Fire at coronavirus hospital kills dozens – DW

Can Europe escape Gazprom’s energy stranglehold? – DW

Islamic State uses hit-and-run tactics in Iraq – Al Monitor

Will Turkey use Syrian mercenaries in Kabul? – Al Monitor

Kim bans dry cargo imports while people starve – Asia Times

Taliban’s peace plan forged in blitzkrieg war – Asia Times

‘Everyone Has a Tipping Point’: Hunger Fuels Cuba’s Protests – The New York Times

Weighing Haiti Intervention, U.S. Again Faces a Torturous Dilemma – The New York Times

EU to train Mozambique army against IS-linked jihadists – Africa News

49 killed in Niger armed attack – Africa News

Podcast: “Queues outside grocery stores are endless—for the few things that are in them”—Cuba’s rare protests – The Intelligence from The Economist

America’s war in Afghanistan is ending in crushing defeat – The Economist

Cape Cod’s Waters Are Getting Very, Very Sharky – The Atlantic

Empty Threats and Warnings on Cyber – Lawfare

Artificial Intelligence in the Intelligence Community: Money is Not Enough – Just Security

The Navy’s Exotic M80 Stiletto Test Ship Defeated Drone Swarms At Sea During Trials – The Drive

How Much More Expensive Can the F-35 Actually Get? – Popular Mechanics

Here’s why Richard Branson’s flight matters—and, yes, it really matters – Ars Technica

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