Daily Dump: The State of Special Operations, China, What America Didn’t Understand about it’s Longest War and More: July 15, 2021

Daily Dump: The State of Special Operations, China, What America Didn’t Understand about it’s Longest War and More: July 15, 2021

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July 15, 2021

What America Didn’t Understand About Its Longest War – Politico

Podcast: Global China’s growing role in the world – Brookings

Putting the Sting in the Tri-Service Maritime Strategy: A Vision for the Future of the MAGTF – Modern War Institute

Growth of Space and Lunar Stations: Promise Amidst Geopolitical Risk – Georgetown Security Studies Review

Speaker Series: Russian Influence Operations (IPb) In 2021: Status and Expectations Through Geopolitical Assessment – NSI

Cryptocurrency intended for Hamas seized by Israel  – Long War Journal

Secrets Alone Won’t Save Us: Providing ‘Decision Advantage’ on Climate Security – War on the Rocks

How Biden Can Help Yemen – War on the Rocks

LECTURE 10 – The Forge

The State of Special Operations Forces: A Conversation with Rep. Stephanie Murphy – Small Wars Journal

Joint Special Operations University: JSOU Research Topics 2022 – Small Wars Journal

Progress Report on China’s Type 003 Carrier – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Podcast: Hypersonic Renaissance – Smart Women, Smart Power

The Hearts-and-Minds Myth: How America Gets Counterinsurgency Wrong – Foreign Affairs

Japan Is Indispensable Again – Foreign Affairs

Afghan neighbours wary of new refugee crisis as violence surges – Reuters

Two soldiers killed, three wounded in blast in southwest Pakistan – Reuters

Afghanistan’s neighbors wary as US seeks nearby staging area – AP

China says US measures on Xinjiang threaten global trade – AP

9 killed in renewed strikes on Syria’s last rebel enclave – AP

Cuba: Government tries to placate protesters with concessions – DW

The Takeaway: Erdogan weighs risks of Afghan mission against benefits for US ties – Al Monitor

Who is Masih Alinejad, target of an alleged Iranian kidnapping plot? – Al Monitor

The myth of ethical AI in war – Asia Times

China: the forgotten nuclear power no more – Asia Times

Suspects in Haitian President’s Killing Met to Plan a Future Without Him – The New York Times

Selling Fruit Where the Taliban Stalk the Streets – The New York Times

South Africa to increase troop deployment to 25,000 as unrest grows  – Africa News

Will the United States and Europe Break Up Over China? – Foreign Policy

The United States Can’t Afford the Brutal Price of Chinese Solar Panels – Foreign Policy

Is Western Finance Underestimating Chinese Political Risk? – Foreign Policy

The Army is training the first batch of Space Marines – Task and Purpose

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