Daily Reading List: July 7, 2020

Daily Reading List: July 7, 2020

As part of the Cognitive Raider Initiative we at The Cognitive Warrior Project would like to put together a daily list of articles of varying length that can easily be chosen from to generate conversation and to play a part in developing a more mentally agile warfighter  that embraces the adaptation required for tomorrow’s battlefield.

Today’s list covers topics include both Arctic Regions, conditions in Afghanistan and more troubles in Africa.

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July 7, 2021

What Would Clausewitz Read? Professional Reading with a Purpose – Modern War Institute

Why Does Russia Want to Resume Military Dialogue in the Arctic? – Modern War Institute

The White Elephant in the Room: Antarctica in Modern Geopolitics – The Strategy Bridge

How the U.S. Can Recapture Escalation Control – The Strategy Bridge

Orphans at the Ready: Toward the Unification of Joint Enablers – War on the Rocks

New Tools to Create Time and Information: “Building the Bike While We Ride It” – War on the Rocks

A Response to “JPME With a Purpose: Breaking Through the Mythology” – The Forge

07/06/2021 News & Commentary – National Security – Small Wars Journal

Defining the 21st Century Airman: Cultivating a Technology-Based Universal Skill Set – Small Wars Journal

How Beijing’s Narrative of U.S. Decline Is Leading to Strategic Overconfidence – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Hiding and Finding: The Challenge of Security Competition – Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Unlikely, Indispensable U.S.-Vietnam Partnership – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Middle Eastern Studies Insights Vol 12, Issue 3 – The Landing

Haitian president shot dead at home overnight – Reuters

Taliban attack capital of northwestern Afghan province – Reuters

Over 120 students missing after Nigeria school raid- church official – Reuters

Costly but critical: The battle for a Yemeni city – AP

Nigerian kidnappings reach crisis point – DW

Eswatini: King Mswati III sitting ‘on a powder keg’ – DW

Turkey’s anti-PKK assault leaves Kurds more divided – Al Monitor

Pro-Iran militias increase attacks, rhetoric against foreign troops – Al Monitor

A Saigon moment in the Hindu Kush – Asia Times

US Bagram retreat consigns Afghanistan to the dustbin – Asia Times

The terror group China fears the most – Asia Times

Taliban Try to Polish Their Image as They Push for Victory – The New York Times

Missed the ongoing crisis in eSwatini? Here’s what you need to know  – Africa News

Somaliland’s Strategic Case for Independence – Foreign Policy

Russia’s Wagner Group Doesn’t Actually Exist – Foreign Policy

German submarines are giving Turkey an edge over Greece – The Economist

Srebrenica.  Europe’s Modern Genocide – Wavell Room

How US-Funded Abuses Led to Failure in Afghanistan – Just Security

Palestinians’ Divided House Hampers Peace – United States Institute of Peace

China Is Building an Area 51 – Popular Mechanics

The Pentagon Scrubs a Cloud Deal and Looks to Add More AI – Wired

NASA’s helicopter on Mars just keeps flying and flying – Ars Technica

Don’t forget to drop a comment below indicating which article you read and why you chose it or thought it was interesting. As always if you have an additional source for information or another article that you think we should be discussing please let us know below so we can link to it to further the discussion.

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