About Us

The Cognitive Warrior Project is dedicated to the continuing education for war fighters that embrace the adaptation required for tomorrow’s battlefield. We seek to promote discussions that will better prepare entry level Special Operations Forces for the challenges they face while ‘growing up SOF.’ The Cognitive Warrior Project’s Mission is not limited to making a more educated war fighter alone, but a more informed public that supports our troops beyond slogans and stickers.


The Cognitive Warrior Project exists to aid in developing a more mentally agile war fighter in accordance with the MARSOF 2030 vision.  We seek to broaden the base of knowledge in hybrid and information warfare as a tool while leveraging small footprint solutions to various world problems. To accomplish these goals, Special Operations Warriors need to be well versed in trans-regional and multi-domain actions military jargon, policy buzzwords and understanding the world in which they will operate. The increased complexity of the operating environment is going to require continuous study and a broader familiarity with world events that can only be accomplished by exposure to current trends and an in depth understanding of issues beyond tactics. The concept of the Cognitive Warrior Project is to develop an individual that can not only physically outperform the enemy but possess the mental agility to outsmart them as well.

The Cognitive Warrior Project seeks to aggregate world events, current trends and open source intelligence in a format that can be easily consumed and accessed at any time. Instead of mindless scrolling we seek to dominate toilet time with self improvement where we can prepare to crush our adversaries like we did last night burrito. We will also include original content, exposé’s and book reviews where the concepts and ideas of the book can be discussed to further develop understanding. There are many sources of great and valuable information out there, but the volume of information is overwhelming. We seek to condense that information into a more consumable format with links to the sources for further understanding and believe this Project could aid in meeting the 2030 vision of a Cognitive Warrior. We know that there are many sources available and are proud that you chose The Cognitive Warrior Project as one of your sources for information. 


Ron Schwery is the lead writer and editor of The Cognitive Warrior Project. He has spent the better portion of the last 20 plus years working in Special Operation as a Special Forces Medic with 5th Special Forces Group and  contractor with the Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). In addition, he has experience as an environmental consultant, medical instructor and even a restaurateur. He has earned a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security – Geospatial Intelligence Option from Penn State University with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has dedicated more than ten years to the MARSOC Assessment and Selection Program and believes that our work here at the Cognitive Warrior Project supports the future of the Marine Corps and its place in Special Operations. .