Daily Dump: When You Can’t Look Away, Leadership, Mexico Matters, An Exorcism, Mars, Mammoths, and More – August 13, 2021

Daily Dump: When You Can’t Look Away, Leadership, Mexico Matters, An Exorcism, Mars, Mammoths, and More – August 13, 2021

When you can’t look away, try the Long War Journal for a detailed recap of the continuing fall in Afghanistan. Defining Leadership is more difficult than you think (in my real job we spent two days arguing about evaluating it…and the verdict is still out). What happened at 777 Pine Street, Mars, Mammoths and More!

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August 13, 2021

Irregular Warfare: A Case Study in CIA and US Army Special Forces Operations in Northern Iraq, 2002-03 – Middle East Institute


Speaker Series: Perspectives and Insights From the Moscow Security Conference and Associated Local Visits – NSI

Engaging with North Korea: Lessons from Game Theory – RAND

After lengthy siege, Lashkar Gah is taken by the Taliban – Long War Journal

Kandahar City falls to the Taliban  – Long War Journal

Taliban overrun Herat City, Qala-i-Naw – Long War Journal

Ghazni City falls to the Taliban – Long War Journal

Syria, Airpower, and the Future of Great-Power War – War on the Rocks

Misunderstanding Organizational Change: Military Stand-Downs Don’t Stand Alone – War on the Rocks

8/12/2021 National Security And Korean News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

Podcast: Mexico, a Complement or an Inhibitor of North American Competitiveness? – Mexico Matters

The Biden-Harris Strategy on the Root Causes of Migration (and Fragility) in Central America – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Humanitarian Suspensions and the Politicization of Aid in Ethiopia – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Bin Laden’s Catastrophic Success: Al Qaeda Changed the World—but Not in the Way It Expected – Foreign Affairs

The Right Way to Investigate the Origins of COVID-19: Only an Independent Coalition of Scientists Can Reach a Definitive Answer – Foreign Affairs

Biden Delivers on Trump’s Afghan Exit as the Taliban Surges – Bloomberg Politics

Watch: #BruteCast – Col Sönke Marahrens – The Landing

Taliban capture two large Afghan cities; embassies getting staff out – Reuters

Egypt officials say militant attack kills 7 troops in Sinai – AP

Official: Canada sending forces to close Afghan embassy – AP

Russian hypersonic technology expert accused of high treason – AP

Afghanistan: Taliban press on after seizing key cities — live updates – DW

Afghanistan troop withdrawal was a ‘mistake,’ says former German general – DW

Afghanistan: Taliban offensive puts Iran in a bind – DW

How Mekong River is turning into a new flashpoint in Indo-Pacific – DW

Turkey ‘still in lead’ as US surges troops back to Kabul airport for evacuation – Al Monitor

Raisi inauguration reveals rifts in Iran establishment – Al Monitor

A Saigon moment looms in Kabul – Asia Times

Mixed military messaging in South China Sea – Asia Times

Ghani out of options as Taliban neutralizes warlords – Asia Times

Reckoning with Xi’s new Great Wall of China – Asia Times

Afghanistan Live Updates: Kandahar, Lashkar Gah and Herat Fall to the Taliban; U.S. Readies Evacuation – The New York Times

Could the Taliban Take Over Afghanistan? Here’s What We Know. – The New York Times

Russian Prosecutors Seek ‘Restricted Freedom’ For Yet Another Navalny Aide In ‘Sanitary Case’ – Radio Free Europe

When The Wall Went Up: Berlin 1961 – Radio Free Europe

Ethiopia denounces ‘destructive’ rebel alliance as conflict grows – Africa News

The West Prepares for the Fall of Kabul – Foreign Policy

How Did Things Go So Bad So Fast in Afghanistan? – Foreign Policy

The US is sending 3,000 troops back into Afghanistan as the country falls apart – Task and Purpose

The White House is now fighting a Taliban onslaught with sternly-worded statements – Task and Purpose

The endgame: Afghanistan is disintegrating as the Taliban gain momentum – The Economist

Unruly response: Xi Jinping’s assault on tech will change China’s trajectory – The Economist

What We Got Wrong in Afghanistan: Military officers like me thought we were building a capable Afghan security force. What did we get wrong? Plenty. – The Atlantic

Climate Change and Defence: Are we ready for its impact? – Wavell Room

What Went Wrong: Two New Books Get It Right on Afghanistan – Just Security

A Fresh Approach: Local Thinking Should Shape the G7’s New Plan to Compete With China – Just Security

Can the Taliban Be Stopped? Three Scenarios for What’s Next in Afghanistan – United States Institute of Peace

What’s Next for Tunisia’s Transition? – United States Institute of Peace

Emergency Troop Surge Now Needed For Afghan Withdrawal (Updated) – The Drive

What Really Happened at 777 Pine Street? They thought they were doing a renovation, not an exorcism. The house had other ideas – Popular Mechanics

The Story of the SR-71 Blackbird – Popular Mechanics

Why Perseverance’s First Mars Drilling Attempt Came Up Empty – Wired

A Mammoth Tusk Reveals a Woolly (and Unprecedented) Tale – Wired

Rocket Report: NASA installs SLS software, India’s GSLV fails to reach orbit – Ars Technica

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