Daily Dump: Chaos Reigns, Defiance in Defeat, It’s Not Our Fault, Now We Can Tell You The Truth (kind of) and Much More.

Daily Dump: Chaos Reigns, Defiance in Defeat, It’s Not Our Fault, Now We Can Tell You The Truth (kind of) and Much More.

The blame game begins as the world witnesses the chaotic withdraw that will most certainly be disastrous for the Afghans that are left behind. The New York Times has been tracking the updates here: Live Updates: Taliban Promise No Reprisal Killings, but Afghans Are Desperate to Escape. One can only wonder how damaging this is to America’s Image as Pundits Ponder Biden’s ‘Saigon Moment,’ ‘Epic Failure’ In Afghanistan. I have questions for sure but the most important, I think, is: Have we created an environment where we cannot tell the truth? The U.S. Government Lied For Two Decades About Afghanistan…There is other stuff here too, going to the moon and The Coup That Killed The U.S.S.R. but it just seems forced like we are trying not to look.

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August 17, 2021

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Resistance Manual – ARIS Studies

The Reasons for the Collapse of Afghan Forces – Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Case for Expediting Special Immigrant Visas amid a Transition of Power in Afghanistan – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Satellite Images Capture Afghan Civilians Flocking to Kabul’s International Airport – Center for Strategic and International Studies

We All Lost Afghanistan: Two Decades of Mistakes, Misjudgments, and Collective Failure – Foreign Affairs

Biden’s ‘America’s Back’ Vow Torched as Taliban Storm Kabul – CNAS

Kabul’s collapse followed string of intel failures, defense officials say – Politico

Swift Taliban takeover leaves US image in tatters – France 24

Evacuation flights resume at Kabul airport, Biden defends U.S. withdrawal – Reuters

Gorbachev, leader who pulled Soviets from Afghanistan, says U.S. campaign was doomed from start – Reuters

Biden defends Afghanistan decision, blames Afghan army’s unwillingness to fight – Reuters

As Taliban takes over, some swap iconic AK-47s for made-in-America rifles – Reuters

Russia says Kabul seems safer under Taliban than it was under Ghani – Reuters

Taliban announces ‘amnesty,’ urges women to join government – AP

Billions spent on Afghan army ultimately benefited Taliban – AP

Video shows desperate Afghans climbing US jet to escape – AP

Analysis: Defiant Biden is face of chaotic Afghan evacuation – AP

EXPLAINER: The Taliban takeover, what’s next for Afghanistan – AP

Kabul airport plunges into chaos as Taliban patrol capital – AP

UK’s defense chief holds back tears amid Afghanistan chaos – AP

Afghanistan: Germany justifies evacuating just 7 on first Kabul flight – DW

Tensions rise as Iranian dams cut off Iraqi water supplies – DW

Explained: Who are the Taliban? – DW

Taliban surge in Afghanistan: EU and NATO in state of shock – DW

Pentagon rushes more reinforcements to Kabul airport as panic disrupts evacuations – Al Monitor

Iran maintains cautious calm as Taliban rises – Al Monitor

Chinese demand for hides threatens Egypt’s donkey population – Al Monitor

Afghan debacle dims US credibility across Asia – Asia Times

Russia, China circle wagons pulling in Iran – Asia Times

Live Updates: Taliban Promise No Reprisal Killings, but Afghans Are Desperate to Escape – The New York Times

The Taliban Are Back. Now Will They Restrain or Support Al Qaeda? – The New York Times

Chaos Ensues at Kabul Airport as Americans Abandon Afghanistan – The New York Times

The Day After the Fall – The New York Times

The U.S. Government Lied For Two Decades About Afghanistan – Glen Greenwald

Watch: The Coup That Killed The U.S.S.R. – Radio Free Europe

U.S. Concerned About Iran’s Uranium Metal Production – Radio Free Europe

Uzbekistan Says It ‘Forced’ The Landing Of 46 Afghan Aircraft – Radio Free Europe

Pundits Ponder Biden’s ‘Saigon Moment,’ ‘Epic Failure’ In Afghanistan – Radio Free Europe

I’m a Democrat Who Opposed the Withdrawal. This Catastrophe Is Why. – Foreign Policy

Pakistan and the United States Have Betrayed the Afghan People – Foreign Policy

‘I’m Furious. I Feel Helpless.’ – Foreign Policy

Departure of Private Contractors Was a Turning Point in Afghan Military’s Collapse – Foreign Policy

Crowds, chaos, and Taliban fighters everywhere: What US troops are seeing on the ground in Afghanistan – Task and Purpose

‘I struggle to make sense of it all’ — Top Air Force commando echoes how many feel about Afghanistan – Task and Purpose

The War In Afghanistan Cost America $300 Million Per Day For 20 Years, With Big Bills Yet To Come – Forbes

As Chaos Engulfs Kabul, Russia Says It’s Ready to Work With the Taliban – The Moscow Times

Situation At Kabul Airport “Would Have Been Difficult For Anyone To Predict” Says Pentagon Spokesman – The Drive

Here’s why Blue Origin thinks it is justified in continuing to protest NASA – Ars Technica

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