Daily Dump: Passing the Baby, Irregular Warfare is Great Power Competition (Part 2), Podcasts, The Only Animal That Can Live in Space and More – August 21, 2021

Daily Dump: Passing the Baby, Irregular Warfare is Great Power Competition (Part 2), Podcasts, The Only Animal That Can Live in Space and More – August 21, 2021

A weekend catch-up following the white screen of death as the site was down for a day and half…Afghanistan is still front and center and today we have one of the best takes on the situation I have read yet. The Small Wars Journal has a short piece,  Passing the Baby , that is powerful. Here is a sample, “No image better depicts what our Nation and our Uniforms means to others than this photo. An Afghan mother, in desperation, passes her baby to a US Uniform.” Read the whole thing; chills, goosebumps and maybe a tear or two. War Room concludes their, IRREGULAR WARFARE IS GREAT POWER COMPETITION – PART 2 and it is definitely worth your time. This will be the future. And speaking of future, how about wrapping things up with 6 Fascinating Facts About the Tardigrade, the Only Animal That Can Survive in Space from Popular Mechanics! I will be listening to both podcasts: Afghanistan Debacle from Net Assessment and Diplomacy Shaken Not Stirred from Horns of Dilemma during this week’s commute.

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August 21, 2021

What We Owe Them: Fulfilling Our Obligation to Our Afghan Partners – Modern Warfare Institute


Russia’s Su-57 Heavy Fighter Bomber: Is It Really a Fifth-Generation Aircraft? – RAND

Pakistani Taliban’s emir renews allegiance to Afghan Taliban – Long War Journal

Anti-Taliban resistance makes modest gains outside Panjshir – Long War Journal

Podcast: Afghanistan Debacle – Net Assessment

Podcast: Diplomacy Shaken Not Stirred – Horns of Dilemma

Authoritarianism and Resistance in Myanmar – War on the Rocks

From Forever Wars to Great-Power Wars: Lessons Learned From Operation Inherent Resolve – War on the Rocks

Passing the Baby – Small Wars Journal

State Weakness and Transnational Power: Explaining the Crisis in Venezuela – Small Wars Journal

Flawed assumptions led to tragic outcomes in Afghanistan – Small Wars Journal

8/21/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

GALLERY: Remarkable photos show U.S. military helping Afghan evacuation – Small Wars Journal

SOF CA: The Things We Think But Do Not Say – The Civil Affairs Association

Afghanistan Aftershocks – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Immediate Steps to Respond to the Emergency in Afghanistan – Center for Strategic and International Studies

New Imagery Shows No Crowds inside Kabul’s Airport – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Failure in Afghanistan Won’t Weaken America’s Alliances – Foreign Affairs

China’s Power Grab in the South China Sea: How to Build a Coalition to Confront Beijing – Foreign Affairs

U.S., Germany advise against travel to Kabul airport amid evacuation chaos – Reuters

UK says Russia, China needed for ‘moderating influence’ over Taliban – Reuters

Chad to halve its troops fighting Sahel militants, spokesperson says – Reuters

Putin, Erdogan agree to strengthen coordination on Afghan issues -Kremlin – Reuters

Gunmen kidnap more than 75 people in northwest Nigeria – Reuters

Gunmen kill at least 16 in latest Niger village attack – Reuters

IS threat forces US changes to evacuations at Kabul airport – AP

The Latest: US considers having airlines help with refugees – AP

China allows couples third child amid demographic crisis – AP

US, Germany advise citizens against Kabul airport travel — as it happened – DW

Afghans narrate Taliban takeover on social media: fear, solidarity and resistance – DW

Turkish airstrike kills members of US-backed Kurdish force in Syria – Al Monitor

Podcast: Iran has been getting closer to the Taliban for some time, says Shelly Kittleson – On the Middle East

Under Afghan fire, Biden assures East Asian allies – Asia Times

Korea, Japan show no signs of US withdrawal anxiety – Asia Times

Desperation as Afghans Seek to Flee a Country Retaken by the Taliban – The New York Times

Resistance fighters drive Taliban from 3 districts in the mountains north of Kabul. – The New York Times

He Guarded Haiti’s Slain President. And He Was a Suspect in a Drug Inquiry. – The New York Times

Thirty Years After Independence From Moscow, Ukraine Struggles To Throw Off Oligarch Yoke – Radio Free Europe

Afghanistan – Live Updates – Radio Free Europe

Watch: The Antlers Of Altai: Siberia’s Controversial Harvest – Radio Free Europe

DRC: At least 18 dead in fighting between the army and ADF rebels in the east – Africa News

Nigeria: Faced by rising insecurity, citizens organize to ensure their safety – Africa News

Afghanistan Hasn’t Damaged U.S. Credibility – Foreign Policy

Two Talibans Are Competing for Afghanistan – Foreign Policy

This is what we live for’ — Air Force C-17 crews jump at the chance to help others in Afghan airlift – Task and Purpose

My family fought alongside the Taliban. But I’m afraid for my friends – The Economist

What I Learned While Eavesdropping on the Taliban – The Atlantic

How Will China Seek to Profit From the Taliban’s Takeover in Afghanistan? – Lawfare

Russian Police Detain Journalists Protesting ‘Foreign Agent’ Crackdown – The Moscow Times

Former Chair of U.S. National Intelligence Council: Learning the Right Lessons from Afghanistan – Just Security

How the Region is Reacting to the Taliban Takeover – United States Institute of Peace

In Myanmar, the State the Generals Seized Is Coming Apart – The United States Institute of Peace

Here’s All The Intel You Need On The Ongoing Evacuation Operation In Kabul – The Drive

6 Fascinating Facts About the Tardigrade, the Only Animal That Can Survive in Space – Popular Mechanics

The Taliban Has Captured a Hoard of American-Made Weapons. Now What? – Popular Mechanics

Point-to-point Wi-Fi bridging between buildings—the cheap and easy way – Ars Technica

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