Daily Dump – A Two Day Push: Tragedy in Afghanistan, Must Listen To Podcasts, Operation Pineapple Express and So Much More – August 28, 2021

Daily Dump – A Two Day Push: Tragedy in Afghanistan, Must Listen To Podcasts, Operation Pineapple Express and So Much More – August 28, 2021

Another weekend catch-up when my real job keeps me away for a couple days. I watched and read with horror like most of you about the attacks in Afghanistan. It was only a matter of time, is terrible, and we undoubtedly lost some incredible young men and women. For some of their stories, The New York Times has you covered with: What we know about the 13 U.S. service members killed in the Kabul attack. So much could have been done different and when the sadness turns to anger, Angry Planet has a good summary on where to focus our energies in: A Brief History of Lying About Afghanistan. I know that I have linked to several items related to this story already but it is just so shocking. If you would rather refocus on the future and the great power competition, The Irregular Warfare Podcast has one of the closest things to a must listen that I can think of with: China’s Strategically Irregular Approach: The Art of the Gray Zone. But the story is still Afghanistan so why not read about kick ass warriors that take matters into their own hands in their attempt to make a difference in The Drive’s: Operation Pineapple Express Saw Special Ops Vets Lead The Rescue Of Hundreds Of Afghans. Active duty, volunteers, this story exemplifies the best of who we are and what we can be. All of these stories and much, much more in Today’s Daily Dump.

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August 28, 2021

Podcast: China’s Strategically Irregular Approach: The Art of the Gray Zone – Irregular Warfare

All Rapport, No Results: What Afghanistan’s Collapse Reveals About the Flaws in US Security Force Assistance – Modern War Institute

The Late Twentieth-Century Profession: Ideas and Institutions for the Nuclear Age – Modern War Institute

Podcast: Battle for the Mosque – The Spear

Podcast: A Brief History of Lying About Afghanistan – Angry Planet

Podcast: ISIS International – Popular Front

Great Strategic Rivalries: The Return of Geopolitics – The Strategy Bridge

#Reviewing The Kill Chain – The Strategy Bridge

Ukraine’s Unrealistic NATO Bid – RUSI

The Talibanisation of Afghanistan: A Repeat of History in the Making – RUSI

In Search of a Durable Solution: Examining the Factors Influencing Postconflict Refugee Returns – RAND

Islamic State claims responsibility for suicide bombing in Kabul – Long War Journal

A Better Approach to Organizing Combatant Commands – War on the Rocks

The Air Force Learning System and Intelligence Missions – War on the Rocks

China Takes on Its Tech Leaders – War on the Rocks

Soldiers of Fortune: Why U.S. Mercenaries Should Not Be Legal – War on the Rocks

Mission Afghanistan: Advice for A US Special Operations Unit (2009) – Small Wars Journal

The Campfire v. the Podium: the Persuasive Power of Storytelling – Small Wars Journal

To Honor the Fallen, Americans Must Learn the Right Lesson from Afghanistan – Small Wars Journal

8/28/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

Biden Administration Foreign Policy Tracker: Late August – Small Wars Journal

Afghanistan Aftershocks – Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Real Saigon Analogy – Foreign Affairs

Why America Can’t Build Allied Armies – Foreign Affairs

Chronicle of a Defeat Foretold: Why America Failed in Afghanistan – Foreign Affairs

U.S. starts troop withdrawal from Kabul; hits Islamic State with drone attack – Reuters

Last UK military flight leaves Afghanistan after evacuating 15,000 people – Reuters

Russia wants CSTO security alliance to boost cooperation over Afghanistan – Reuters

EXCLUSIVE Pentagon holds talks with Chinese military for first time under Biden, official says – Reuters

UN: Unprecedented Taliban violence in 2020 carries into 2021 – AP (June 4, 2021)

Taliban block Kabul airport to most as foreign airlifts wane – AP

Slain Marine who cradled baby at Kabul airport loved her job – AP

Iraq brings together Mideast rivals in bid to ease tensions – AP

Evacuee: World has ‘abandoned’ Afghanistan’s new generation – AP

Afghanistan: Biden says US strike against IS-K ‘not the last’ — live updates – DW

Trying to flee Kabul: ‘We had no information at all’ – DW

Biden says China withholding information on COVID origin – DW

Danish scientists stumble upon world’s northernmost island – DW

Humanitarian situation worsens in Ethiopia’s Tigray region – DW

Are Syrian jihadis ready to take the fight to Afghanistan? – Al Monitor

As Syria’s foreign jihadis eye Afghanistan, new challenges arise for Moscow – Al Monitor

Once Enemies, U.S. and Taliban Find Common Ground Against ISIS – Bloomberg

Kabul bombings will bring US and Taliban closer – Asia Times

What Afghanistan’s ISIS-K terrorists really want – Asia Times

Who profits from the Kabul suicide bombing? – Asia Times

China wants to build a kilometer-sized starship – Asia Times

Japan-Taiwan security talks poke and stir China – Asia Times

What we know about the 13 U.S. service members killed in the Kabul attack. – The New York Times

A Journey Through Kabul on the Day of the Fall – The New York Times

Amid Afghan Chaos, a C.I.A. Mission That Will Persist for Years – The New York Times

U.S. Launches Strike on ISIS-K as Bombing’s Death Toll Soars – The New York Times

He was a baby on 9/11. Now he’s one of the last casualties of America’s longest war. – The New York Times

Pakistan emerges as a winner. What will it do now? – The New York Times

Watch: Tajik Group Offers To Fight Alongside Anti-Taliban Militias In Afghanistan – Radio Free Europe

Thirteen Dead, Nearly 100 Injured In Blasts At Kazakh Military Base – Radio Free Europe

Macron Tells Baghdad Summit IS Remains Threat, Commits To Maintaining Troops In Iraq – Radio Free Europe

Burkina Faso vows major security changes after deadly attack – Africa News

Morocco-Algeria tension risks dire consequences-Analyst – Africa News

Seychelles tortoise that hunted bird stuns scientists – Africa News

It’s Crazy to Trust the Haqqanis – Foreign Policy

What Should Biden Have Done in Afghanistan? – Foreign Policy

Marine commander relieved over his viral video calling out military leaders for Afghanistan withdrawal [UPDATED] – Task and Purpose

These are the 13 American military service members killed in Kabul – Task and Purpose

The mess in Afghanistan exposes Britain’s foolish security policy – The Economist

What will the end of America’s evacuation of Afghanistan look like? – The Economist

Three Aircraft Carriers. Dozens Of Stealth Fighters. A Powerful Allied Battle Group Has Gathered Near China. – Forbes

The Two Blows America Is Dealing to the Taliban – The Atlantic

What Is the Islamic State in Khorasan? – Lawfare

Afghanistan, Policy Choices, and Claims of Intelligence Failure – Lawfare

History and the Recognition of the Taliban – Lawfare

Knowing your people: a targeted approach to engagement in the Part Time Army  – Grounded Curiosity

Israel’s Victory Doctrine Achieves its First Indeterminate Outcome – Wavell Room

Developing Basics for Future Urban Operations – Wavell Room

Taliban Rule Will Be a ‘Threat’ to Russia and the World, Top Panjshir Resistance Member Warns – The Moscow Times

U.S. Executes Revenge Drone Strike On ISIS-K “Planner” In Afghanistan (Updated) – The Drive

Operation Pineapple Express Saw Special Ops Vets Lead The Rescue Of Hundreds Of Afghans – The Drive

US special operations vets carry out daring mission to save Afghan allies – ABC

Night Stalker Little Bird Helicopters Flew German Commandos On Kabul Mission: Report – The Drive

DARPA Wants to Build a Soviet-Inspired Flying ‘Sea Monster’ – Popular Mechanics

Amazon urges FCC to reject SpaceX proposals for next-generation Starlink – Ars Technica

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