Daily Dump: The Comprehensive Take on Great Power Competition, Going it Alone in Afghanistan and So Much More – October 13/14, 2021

Daily Dump: The Comprehensive Take on Great Power Competition, Going it Alone in Afghanistan and So Much More – October 13/14, 2021

Over the last couple days, I have been trying to get this out and I cannot quite get through all of the sources to put together a ‘complete’ Daily Dump but there are so many really good, really important articles that I thought I should post at least something. We are only going to highlight two articles today which seems a bit odd given how much good stuff is there, hey, we do what we have time for! To that end, the news and stories are coming from all directions and if you are going to read one thing it needs to be The Modern War Institutes Teaching Technology, Innovation, and Great Power Competition at Stanford, Part 1: Competing with China. Labeling this an article would be a disservice to their efforts. This is the most comprehensive take on the Great Power Competition that I have ever seen. There is no way I could read it in one day and I will definitely be using this as reference point in all things GPC. If that doesn’t do it for, how about, The Taliban Can’t Take on the Islamic State Alone from War on the Rocks. Rarely do I simply not agree with an article here but this is one of them. I’m just not buying it and actively helping the Taliban is a non-starter for me. After that, you really could go any direction and not be disappointed. There is just so much more in Today’s Daily Dump.  

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October 13/14, 2021

Teaching Technology, Innovation, and Great Power Competition at Stanford, Part 1: Competing with China – Modern War Institute

Escalation to Nuclear War in the Digital Age: Risk of Inadvertent Escalation in the Emerging Information Ecosystem – Modern War Institute


#REVIEWING War at the Speed of Light – The Strategy Bridge

The UK and the Future of European Security – Royal United Services Institute

Forget James Bond? Public Perceptions of UK Intelligence – Royal United Services Institute

China-Russia Cooperation: Determining Factors, Future Trajectories, Implications for the United States – RAND

Crossing the Digital Divide: How Refugees Use Mobile Technology – RAND

Sudan reports crackdown on suspected Islamic State cells in Khartoum – Long War Journal

The Taliban Can’t Take on the Islamic State Alone – War on the Rocks

Schrodinger’s Military? Challenges for China’s Military Modernization Ambitions – War on the Rocks

Killing Terrorist Leaders Is No Silver Bullet – War on the Rocks

China’s Missile Silos and the Sino-Indian Nuclear Competition – War on the Rocks

Euthanizing Democracy: The Assisted Death of Liberalism – The Forge

The American Way of Counterinsurgency: Lessons for Great Power Competition – Small Wars Journal

10/13/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

10/12/2021 National Security and Korean News and Commentary – Small Wars Journal

UPDATE: China Continues to Transform Ream Naval Base – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Military Forces in FY 2022: Peering into the Abyss—The Budget and Strategy Overview – Center for Strategic and International Studies

The Role of the Oil Sector in Venezuela’s Environmental Degradation and Economic Rebuilding – Center for Strategic and International Studies

Improving human security in Africa Annual Review 2020 – Institute for Security Studies

Françafrique is a blunt tool for explaining foreign policy – Institute for Security Studies

Event – 19 October: Nigeria in 2050: global player or poverty capital? – Institute for Security Studies

The Future of America’s Drone Campaign – Foreign Affairs

Order Before Peace: Kissinger’s Middle East Diplomacy and Its Lessons for Today – Foreign Affairs

Why Nobody Invests in Japan: Tokyo’s Failure to Attract Foreign Capital Is Hobbling Its Economy – Foreign Affairs

Analysis: Japan’s ruling party makes unprecedented defence spending pledge – Reuters

China says military drills near Taiwan a ‘just’ move – Reuters

US talks global cybersecurity without a key player: Russia – AP

Spain evacuates 160 more Afghans via Pakistan – AP

Independence leader: Wall won’t stop Western Sahara fight (Algeria) – AP

China: Military drills, flights were needed to defend Taiwan – AP

Shia cleric al-Sadr wins Iraq election amid low turnout – DW

G20 leaders to aid Afghans — without cozying up to Taliban – DW

EU-UK trade war looming as Northern Ireland Protocol tensions hit boiling point – DW

Iran’s hard-liners push to prosecute Rouhani – Al Monitor

Sadr and independents biggest winners under Iraq’s new election law – Al Monitor

Venezuelan foreign minister wants ‘deeper’ relations with Turkey – Al Monitor

Iraq’s politics at the mercy of a militia bullet – Asia Times

India faces a crisis as power shortage worsens – Asia Times

China’s Power Problems Expose a Strategic Weakness – The New York Times

Amid U.S.-China Chill, Harvard Moves a Top Language Program to Taiwan – The New York Times

Watch: The U.S. Helped Build, Then Destroy, an Afghan School. We Went Inside. – The New York Times

Cases of ‘Havana Syndrome’ Reported at U.S. Embassy in Colombia – The New York Times

Eye For An Eye: Blinding Sentence Puts Spotlight On Iran’s Retribution Laws – Radio Free Europe

Kazakhstan’s Soviet Passport Problem – Radio Free Europe

New army chief in Burkina Faso promises new strategy against terrorism – Africa News

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