Daily Dump: A Holiday Push, An AOL Post on Ukraine, Catching-up, A Build up to War, Fire and Ice, Sand Trafficking and More – Nov/Dec

Daily Dump: A Holiday Push, An AOL Post on Ukraine, Catching-up, A Build up to War, Fire and Ice, Sand Trafficking and More – Nov/Dec

With the holidays upon us, time for writing has been limited to say the least. Today’s post will catch us up to December 6 and then I should be able to get us current either today or tomorrow.

This is a very AOL post as the world has pretty much moved past the Ukraine story. I didn’t really think that we were heading to war there, but I also don’t think this story is over. I believe it will remain relevant, albeit only on a slow simmer, but still has value because you will be better prepared the next time tensions flare in the region. To get started, I think a quick check on knowledge should be your first stop and Radio Free Europe has a quiz for you: Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Ukraine-Russia Tensions? I did not do as well as I thought I would. But, in my defense, there were two questions that I was 50/50 on and chose the wrong answer on both. As Transatlantic allies ramp up pressure on Russia over Ukraine – DW, the New York Times writes: Ukraine, Explained. The article is important mostly for its glaring omission of a detailed discussion of the 2014 Maidan Revolution. A revolution that changed Ukraine’s government from being Pro-Russian to Pro-Western / NATO is a pretty big deal and probably deserves some ink. For more on that, I suggest taking a look back to a 2014 article from Vox: Everything you need to know about the Ukraine crisis. You can go here for their updated take on the conflict, Wait, is Russia going to invade Ukraine? Both are excellent and definitely worth your time.  If I was forced to distill this conflict and the two Vox pieces into 3 quote’s, they would be:

“Putin sees Ukraine’s closer cooperation with the West, specifically NATO, as leading toward an unacceptable outcome for Moscow: Ukraine’s potential membership in the alliance…

“The reason there’s a war in Ukraine has a lot to do with Russia’s perception of the post-Cold War order in Europe, this notion that Western states have been moving closer and closer to Russia’s borders, and indeed, gobbling up its natural sphere of influence,” Oliker said. “Ukraine’s the front line on that.”…

“In getting to the point [where] Zelensky was calling for outright membership in NATO and crossing what Russia has long viewed as one of their red lines”

To wrap this up, I suggest What Putin really told Biden: Russian and US leaders dropped their respective rhetorical gauntlets but nobody really expects Russia to invade Ukraine from the Asia Times because they have a view that is distinctly different from most US news sources. It appears they were correct as, according to The Moscow Times, Biden Says Sending U.S. Troops to Ukraine ‘Not on the Cards.’

If you are looking for a couple good podcasts that you may have missed I suggest you start here: A Faustian Bargain – Horns of Dilemma and America and the Arctic: A Song of Fire and Ice – Net Assessment. The first is a largely unknown (at least to me anyway) story about the German build up to WWII by hiding manufacturing and troop training in Russia. The other, is great because it offers an excellent discussion on the importance of the Arctic and how the US in not prepared for any level of competition. If you are looking for something really different that you may have never considered, I suggest watching: Sand trafficking: Morocco’s silent menace from the Institute for Security Studies. Who knew sand was that valuable? All of this and more, in Today’s not so Daily Dump!

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November 17 – December 6, 2021

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